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Sustainability in the time of inflation

Europe has gone through an extremely difficult year. It started with the energy market crisis, continued with the conflict in Ukraine, and then with an increase in inflation exceeding 10% in many countries. All these, have created great concerns for the general public and produced a climate of instability. The economy and investors were shocked by developments difficult to be anticipated.

In this context, discussions about the urgent need for measures to stop global warming continued, but in a somewhat shyer tone, the public's attention, at least in the spring, being captured by the war and electricity crisis. Only the evolution of the weather, especially the extremely hot summer that came, the tornadoes and the news on the melting of the glaciers, turned us back to the harsh reality that we can face, as soon as possible.

It is true that the economic difficulties generated by rising inflation and the explosion of energy prices have created other priorities, especially for the population closer to the poverty zone. On the other hand, this instability can bring us a bit more reflection on the future scenarios. What can happen if we don't act now? What chances do we have to correct what we did wrong?

In these difficult times, we look with concern at what follows, but also with attention to the previous situations, to the causes and factors that generated this instability. How could we have avoided it? Was it a lack of information, means, or wisdom?

Certainly, the society is a product of permanent changes under the influence of factors that are difficult to be in detail controlled. Without doubts, the decision-makers have limited capabilities in finding the best solutions. But, as a whole, is society willing to be closer to the principles of sustainability? Are we mature enough to move beyond our small interests to common action? Probably not yet at a sufficient level. But the young generation has a chance. And this chance is the education for sustainability. Those of us who have understood its importance can invest more in this opportunity. It is a chance for a normal future, without energy wars, without mass migrations, without famine, without fear on the future. Let us be closer to those who have to build their future. Let's help them before it's too late.

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