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The initial ECF is a practical document describing the essential individual and collective competences, enablers and constraints of promoting environmental performance of educational institutions. It draws from the results of the ECF4CLIM crowdsourcing results, document analysis, and literature review. It is based on the sustainability competences outlined in GreenComp and further develops. ECF is structured as a Roadmap and aims to provide tools for different stakeholders to map and foster the enablers and overcome the constraints of sustainability in various educational contexts.

ECF Roadmap

The Roadmap comprises four steps:

  • invites and engages people through reflection and inclusive dialogue on the values and meanings of sustainability. It aims to foster the emergence of a common understanding of sustainability and common good. It also establishes the principles for promoting fairness in collaboration.

  • find systemic connections between everyday life at school or another educational organisation, to promote critical thinking about learning contents, different disciplines, the state of the environment, and the perspectives of other involved actors.

  • envisioning futures, adaptability, mapping possibilities for change and visions of a desirable future.

  • concrete action and evaluating the results. It is important to bear in mind that although each step emphasizes a specific competence area of GreenComp, all four competence areas are intertwined at every step

Structure for each step:

  • introduction and definitions of the competence area/competences according to GreenComp

  • ihe aims of the step

  • the step, structured under “individual competences”, “collective competences” and “environmental performance”3) The essential contents

  • an example of the development process of each step

  • possible constraints and enablers associated with the ste

  • example of tools and materials related to the step

Details are presented in:

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