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Expected Results

•Multidisciplinary European Competence Framework (tested and validated on 12 demonstration sites in 4 countries),

•Hybrid participatory methodology focused on the capacity of the interventions to enhance the individual and collective sustainability-related competences,

•Participatory and deliberative approach for the co-design, the jointly implementation and the evaluation, of measures and interventions,

•Contents of the ECF partly or fully integrated into the educational programmes and school/university curricula.

•Educational materials, tools and applications,

•Creation of Reconvened Focus Groups (RCFs) and Low Carbon Committees (LCCs),

•A digital platform with crowdsourcing applications, IoT and calculation tools,

•Networking with other relevant projects and activities,

Expected Impacts

•Improve the specific educational programmes, school curricula, training events, networking activities and exchange of good practices in the area of climate change and sustainable development

•Strengthening the ability of various groups in society, especially the young people, to critically examine their knowledge, skills and attitudes towards climate action, sustainable development and environmental protection,

•Enhanced engagement of the wider communities,

•Empowerment of the broader educational communities to engage in transformational change towards a more sustainable future

•Extensive participation of pupils and students, supported by scientists, educators and practitioners, in intergenerational dialogues and exchanges on climate action, environmental protection and behavioural changes,

•Long-lasting improvement of the environmental performance (reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, reduction of energy consumption, reduction of waste production, improvement in indoor air quality, etc.)

•Long-lasting reduction of the environmental footprint of students and the broader educational community, thanks to changes in individual and collective behaviours, habits, and social norms.

•Long-term sustainable life choices made by the citizens who have acquired competences for sustainable development.

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