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The Digital Platform is developed to strengthen environmental awareness and promote the participation of the entire educational community towards behavioural changes that can actually contribute to higher levels of sustainability.
It integrates a crowd sourcing space outputs and simulation tools, manages IoT solutions data for real time monitoring of selected parameters on the demonstration sites and a learning space, to promote active learning and citizens involvement.
The platform allows the elicitation and dissemination of the ideas for citizen climate actions, stimulate initiatives, creating critical mass for the success of the actions or initiatives, evaluate the activities, and offer access to applications for active learning. 

Four modules are planned:

(Module 1) Crowdsourcing: access the crowdsourcing tools

(Module 2) Simulators Space: access to tools supporting environmental self-assessment


(Module 3) Ecosystem Space: specific services providing dynamic calculation and visual analytics over key performance indicators measurement by using IoT  

(Module 4) Learning Space: access to educational resources designed to improve citizens’ awareness and capacity for climate actions and sustainability.

The Digital Platform is in a progressive development, module by module.
You may Explore it! And get involved in the climate and sustainability actions!

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