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This summer as a simple warning

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

This summer has brought us more than ever a succession of heat waves. It seems to be the prelude of the entrance in the hell. From the eastern to the western extremity, the northern hemisphere suffers from heat. Almost day by day.

Energy consumption has increased drastically due to the amazing need for cooling. The streets of the big cities have become more inhospitable. Pollution, lack of green spaces and heat show us we are moving further and further away from the habitat of a normal life. Are we prepared to live like in a furnace?

The news tells us about forest fires, compromised agricultural crops, severe drought, storms, and about measures to limit the water and energy consumption.

Concomitantly, the energy crisis drastically changes the conditions of economic and commercial activities. The war in the Eastern Europe destroyed balance between the needs of the market and the gas and oil production. Prices are in a continues increasing. What is to do? We are discussing and discussing. We are looking to the facts and discuss again. To understand and less to deliberate. It seems our discussions are pseudo-actions simulating we are responsible than an effective debate to find solutions.

In this way we delude ourselves with the idea that we are in no way guilty of what is happening. In fact, we are very aware and active using our minds to discuss these unpleasant aspects. Probably some solutions will be born naturally.

It is very important to discuss and understand, but it is an urgent need for solutions, planning, find resources, identify priorities. And of immediate actions. Acting now to keep the natural comfort! We may live in an artificial world, but what will be the cost?

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