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From pragmatism to sustainability

Often in a very pragmatic modern society we are facing a very difficult question. What is the cost of implementing sustainability at the national, or global level? Estimates are affected by huge uncertainties, but, on the other hand, do such estimates make sense? During a crisis, do we do our calculations first and then intervene? What would it mean in case of fires, floods, or earthquakes to make such estimates and decide how to intervene or waiting for the optimal moment?

Climate changes are today, at least through the lens of extreme weather phenomena, the melting of glaciers and global warming, everyday facts. The need for change is vital to the fate of the human species. It is possible in a difficult future we will have sufficient resources to adapt to climate change, but the opposite can also happen. On the other hand, returning to pragmatism, what will be the costs of adaptation? The examples show us that the environment is extremely adaptable, nature sees its own evolution, even in the case of extreme anthropic pressures, but it is possible that its path will be without us.

Facing such a challenge in which the existence of humanity is at stake, can we ask the question of costs? Aren't we too comfortable today or too little responsible? Can we be a bit smarter even we are addicted to our daily comfort?

Perhaps those who are in school today are more sensitive and will build a new economy, a society based more on the principles of well-being at the planetary level and less on the pragmatism of immediate profit. Less dependent on consumerism, protecting resources, more oriented towards a human species that has full respect for the environment and life.

In such context, the education for sustainability is by no means a fad. Without it we will not be able to build a future. Any type of future…

And do not forget that the road to sustainability is like climbing the mountain in the myth of Sisyphus. Every day, without a break for fun.

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