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December thoughts

December. The last month of the year. The month of celebrations. Traditions, history, friends and family, achievements and hopes… We celebrate, we celebrate… We receive and give gifts. Symbolic or valuable. Small or large. We try to be much more attentive to others, more generous, more plenty of gratitude for our good results.

December is also the period when our bins are fully of waste. Too much packages and a lot of wasted resources. Unwanted or unacceptable gifts. Food and beverage… Decorations. And packages, many packages. Our gifts are produced far away, over seas and lands. Packaged, transported, unpackaged, selected and re-packaged.

Are we enough generous with our planet and the future? Sometimes we are forgetting what we are celebrating. It seems we are celebrating the abundance with no care for the resource depletion and what may happen in the future.

We need to reflect more on the fragility of our existence as human beings. And on the dependence of our society on the balance of the planet's ecosystems. We are part of finite system, with limited resources and well-defined constraints. We cannot build our comfort by destroying that of the planet. Let’s celebrate the wisdom and the love for all surrounding us, beings and things. And let's not forget the planet offering us the shelter and always nourishing our needs.

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